• About the institute

    In 1968 our institute operated under the name Folk Works House and it obtained its present name, that of Covasna County Cultural Center in 2002 as a result of the renaming performed by its maintainer, the Covasna County Council.
    We take part in the research, documentation and popularization of the cultural values, cultural events, traditions and popular customs of Háromszék (“Three Chairs”).
    From foundation until today, we consider the treatment the youth as a featured target group our primary obligation. Besides this, we deal with the continuing professional training of those who work in the different fields of culture. Recognizing the fact that regarding the historical and cultural identity formation of our community the informational-cultural circulation is essential, we support with great enthusiasm the community building activity of amateur groups, individuals who work in the field of community culture, as well as the cultural dialogue between them.

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